Serving Cleveland, Ohio & Virtual Job Seekers

D.I.S.K. LLC Jobs partners with individuals who want to work from home and possess an entrepreneurial mindset.  For those who live in and around Cleveland, Ohio, you have the option of working in our call center. The individuals we partner with have skills in Customer Service, Sales, Finance, and Technical Support industries. Through our dynamic platform, we have been afforded the opportunity to partner with many Fortune 500 corporations through our strategic partnership as a Certified IBO. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service to our clients. If you’re looking for an organized IBO with hands on development,  exclusive benefit options, and amazing perks, then you have come to the right organization.

Currently, we are an expanding IBO with offices in Cleveland,Ohio, Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and agents all over the UK and United States.  We pride ourselves for being able to provide a personal support system approach to help aid in the success of CSPs that have chosen to partner with DISK, LLC Jobs. Your success is our success.

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Flexible Schedules

Our opportunities are so flexible that you schedule your own hours, days, and times that you would like to work! Positions outside of the call center in Cleveland,Ohio are solely up to your discretion on how you want to create your workflow.

Excellent Tax Incentives

We Teach You How to Maximize Your Taxes as an Independent Contractor and Work from Home Employee. Enjoy monthly tax tips and coaching.

Choose the Work You Perform

You decide which client you want to work for and how many clients you would like to service, provided that you can adhere to all of the requirements for each client.

Unlimited Work Opportunities

We provide work solutions that can all be performed from the comfort of your home. We have opportunities for individuals in administrative, finance (bookkeeping and tax preparers), sales (merchant payment processing (some field work required), phone (business and call center telecommunication sales), retention specialist and other). You can work as a Virtual Assistant opportunities outside of DISK, LLC Jobs to help double your income capacity. We are here to work with you and will help create a work package for you!

Direct Deposit

As an Independent Contractor, we recommend Direct Deposit to all of our agents, for faster service. We have implemented a process for 1099 payments through Payable ACH or in some instances, Paypal. If for emergency reasons you may request for a check, but their may be a $15 charge for all paper checks that are non-emergency transmitted.

Great Incentives

Enjoy our excellent Referral Program, Monthly Employee Recognition, and Star Performer Incentives. Our newly defined referral program rewards you for each contractor that you refer that begins servicing for a period of 90 days ($25 per CSP), on rare occasions up to $100 for special programs. Our Tax Preparer program rewards you up to $500 per Tax Preparer that prepares at least 10 returns during the season. Our merchant program may reward you up to a one time payment of $1000 per sales rep that makes quota within the first 30 days. Something to consider!

Military Appreciation Program

Work with a company that values active and veteran military personnel and their family. Join an IBO with Military Experience. The owners come from Military families and they work closely with spouses of Military personnel as well! You can receive a Personal Account Manager with knowledge of what it takes for military personnel and family to succeed. They will guide you through the whole process and be your motivation and support person throughout your whole duration with our company.

Internship Program

Created with the Student in mind, learn more about our Internships in disciplines such as HR, Marketing and Sales, and Finance - Accounting. Must be able to receive College Credit for all work performed during the program.

Star Performer Program

We Value our workforce, and we believe in Rewarding those who achieve outstanding success during their time with our IBO. Enjoy benefits of receiving bonuses and incentives, as well as advancement opportunities with more benefits and salary increases.